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Upcoming activities of FORDISMAN:

Conference "The challenge of global change: disturbance and risk in forest ecosystem management" in Narva, Estonia, 27-29 October 2016


  • Assessing and incorporating risk into forest ecosystem management
  • Climate change induces novel disturbance regimes
  • Forest species selection for future
  • Ecosystem legacies at forest disturbance management
  • Forestry practices: salvage and retention, advance regeneration



Invited speakers:

  •      Timo Kuuluvainen, University of Helsinki, Finland
  •      Heli Peltola, East Finland University, Finland
  •      Rupert Seidl, Boku, Austria
  •      Anneli Poska, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia


Provisionally we suggest to organize one full day for presentations and a poster session.

The excursion is planned to Primeval Forest of Poruni (Narva River West Bank).

Information on the venue, lodging and registration is following soon.



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